Hospital Bag Packing Blunder


Preparing for an unexpected trip to the hospital can be extremely nerve-wracking. It’s understandable that mistakes are made in stressful situations but one man may have buckled a bit too much under the pressure.

Emily Shires posted a video on TikTok explaining that she was rushed to the emergency room, which left her boyfriend to pack the contents of her overnight bag. Her boyfriend, named Ben, packed a carrier bag full of pork pies, talcum powder, random snacks and protein yogurt over typical essentials you’d expect for a hospital trip.

After revealing her diagnosis of a blocked bowel, Shires went into more detail about the incident. “So Ben called the ambulance and I was like right we’re probably going to have to go in, so pack a bag, you know, just essential stuff and we’ll take it with us in the ambulance,” she said.

The paramedics did arrive at her home to take her to the hospital, where she soon realized just how poor the boyfriend’s packing skills were. In the videos, she shows off a picture of the absurd items packed. “I said to him, pack some essentials cause [sic] we don’t know how long we’re going to be there for,” she said.

The video has received over 200,000 views and has left hundreds in tears over the hilarious bag packing fail. Many people took to the comments to talk about similar stories of their loved one’s horrendous packing skills.

One person wrote: “When I broke my ankle during lockdown, my other half packed a bag with the framed photo of my dead nan in ‘to comfort me.'”

Another commenter said: “My teenage son packed me a bag and put my post in just incase [sic] I wanted to catch up on my bills whilst I was nearly dying”.

A third user commented: “My ex packed himself a bag of food, and nothing for me, who was staying in hospital.”


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