Hospital Worker Registers Dead Patient

We normally expect healthcare workers to treat living people to prolong death as best as possible. When a person is no longer alive, what’s the point of treating confused spirits? In Argentina, a hospital director was baffled when they had ghosts coming in for medical attention.

In video footage that gives people goosebumps, it captured a moment the sliding doors at Finochettio Sanatorium opened in the early morning. The sudden movement prompted the guard to move away from the front desk.

Credit: Finochettio Sanatorium CCTV

After the energy shift, the worker removed the retractable belt barrier from the stanchion as if he was ready to let the spirits into the medical unit. He was later seen scribbling something on his clipboard.

The guard was clearly seeing something that was invisible to the naked eye. The guard motions with his right hand as if he was instructing someone to proceed walking forward. He placed the clipboard back on the desk.

Another surveillance camera revealed the security guard grabbing a wheelchair and pointing with his hands as if he was directing someone where to go. He later pushed the wheelchair against the wall and returned to his desk.

Reports indicated that the guard had registered the name of a woman who had died at the hospital the previous day.

Something wasn’t adding up in these supernatural experiences. The hospital’s media relations director Guillermo Capuya cleared up the speculation and confirmed that the entrance door had a problem, which had caused it to open 28 times during a span of 10 hours.

He said that the security guard’s absurd behavior may be a prank. “I don’t know if to make a joke or what but it went viral. What I don’t believe in is ghosts,” Capuya said.

He added the security guard, who was hired through an outside agency, never logged in the name of any patient. “They said that the person registered someone who had died and that is not there, there is nothing, there is no record log that shows this person,” Capuya said. “He says it, the name is not registered.”