Hotness Overload: This Garlic Is Too Sexy


Feminists aren’t the only ones frustrated by the sexual objectification deeply embedded in the advertisements. Farmers are ticked off by the objectification of their agricultural produce.

Why restrict the creativity to human body parts when you can shine the seductive spotlight on garlic cloves? The South Korean creative team behind a “Hongsan” garlic ad managed to transform an innocent plant into an appalling sex object.

A short controversial video was released on a YouTube channel for Hongseong County which is a small town that is popular for its locally grown “Hongsan” garlic. The ad was a parody of a prominent scene from a 2004 Korean movie titled “Once Upon a Time in High School”. In the video, a lady touches the thigh of a man named “Hongsan” with a garlic head mask. There was a play on words describing the encounter as “very thick” and “hard.”

Farmers could not take this ad as a compliment to the quality of their produce. People roasted the ad for its perceived obscenity and felt insulted by the video.

The Korean Peasants League and the Korean Women Peasants Association, two farmers’ organizations jointly released a statement saying “We can’t repress our astonishment. The video offended the people who watched it and dealt a big blow to the image of the agricultural product that farmers have laboriously grown.”

In response to the overwhelming criticism, the video was removed from the YouTube channel and no longer aired on the billboards.

Although some people believe garlic can enhance libido, the farmers are not ready to see their staples objectified to the masses.


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