How Did He Miss This? | Unsportsmanlike #2

In the new Know Your News sports podcast “Unsportsmanlike,” Greg Cherry and Jarrett Bailey go over some of the wildest, worst and weirdest things that happen in sports news.

Topics include:

Mustard Finish Race (KC/CLE – MLB)

Umpire Slides (HOU/OAK – MLB)

Jose Urena/Ryan McMahon Collide (SD/COL)

Kyle Freeland Not Happy (SD/COL)

Fox Sports 9/11 Memorial Fail (BOS/NYY)

Johnny Gaudreau Leaves Calgary Flames for Columbus Blue Jackets for $16 Million Less Than Flames Offered

Jake McCarthy vs. The Sun (ARI/SF)

Just Keep Swimming, Julio Rodriguez (TOR/SEA)

How Do You Miss This? William Akio (Valour FC vs. HFX Wanderers)