Huge Alligator Spotted on Florida School Path

If there’s one animal that you don’t want to mess with, it’s an alligator. Wildlife trappers were called to a Florida school where a huge alligator was spotted on a path.

The Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office said that deputies were called about a report of a large alligator on a pathway normally used by children who walk to and from a nearby elementary school. This wasn’t any normal-sized reptile either but what was described as an “absolute dinosaur of an alligator.”

Deputies contacted the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission for help relocating the 12.5-foot gator. The wildlife trappers and deputies worked together to capture the alligator and relocate it to an area far away from the school.

“PCSO remained in the area to keep the public from accidentally stumbling across this absolute dinosaur of an alligator until trappers contracted through FWC arrived,” the Pinellas County Sheriff’s office posted on Instagram.