Hungry Festival-Goer Orders Pizza to Her Car


Waiting in line for anything can be such a hassle but pizza can definitely make it a bit easier. A hungry festival-goer was waiting in line for Glastonbury when she ordered a Domino’s pizza to her car.

Kate Thomas had been queueing for hours on the A386 heading to Glastonbury, arguably the largest festival in the United Kingdom, when she got a bit hungry. Without any food, Thomas ordered the pizza for delivery and didn’t have to lift a finger as it arrived straight to her car.

Thomas uploaded the video of the delivery to Twitter with the caption: “If this isn’t my favourite delivery driver to date hahaha.” Her friend who filmed the encounter can be heard saying: “Oh my God this is jokes I can’t believe it.”

The pumped festival goer tells the Domino’s driver: “Thank you so much, we’re starving we’ve been in this queue for ages.” A pretty genius way by the group to solve their problem. Hopefully, they left the driver a big tip.

The last two years, Glastonbury Festival has been canceled due to coronavirus. Headliners and other acts who played at the event include Paul McCartney, Billie Eilish, Kendrick Lamar, Diana Ross, Lorde, Sugababes, Little Simz and Fatboy Slim and more.


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