Hungry Javelina Goes for Joy Ride in Arizona


Who doesn’t love a late-night snack?

A hungry javelina ended up going on a joy ride in Arizona after it became trapped inside an empty car and bumped it into neutral.

Deputies in Yavapai County responded to a call in Cornville, Arizona, about a javelina that was stuck in a Subaru station wagon. Javelinas are pig-like animals that are native to desert regions.

After deputies spoke to the car’s owners and other residents in the neighbourhood, they concluded that the car’s hatchback had been left open overnight. It’s thought that the javelina jumped inside the vehicle to retrieve a bag of Cheetos, which caused the hatch to close, trapping the animal inside.

Authorities say the animal ripped off parts of the inside door and the dashboard in an attempt to escape the vehicle. The javelina also knocked the Subaru into neutral, causing it to roll down the driveway and across the street. The car then came to a stop. The javelina was not injured.

Once a deputy opened the hatchback, the javelina was able to run back to the desert with a full stomach.

“As a reminder, if you’re in the Southwest, you probably already know it’s best not to feed javelina,” the sheriff’s office said in a statement. “Yes, it’s tempting, but when wild animals are fed by people it draws them into neighbourhoods and can create unnecessary conflicts.”


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