Husband Gets Revenge After Wife Elopes With New Lover

When a wife parts ways after being smitten by a new love interest, you could sit there weeping or handle the situation like a king. After a lady leaves the throne (or an empty king-size bed), people could be busy tracking down a new queen to occupy the space. The perfect person for that role could be the wife’s lover’s wife.

Neeraj and Rubi Devi, a couple from India’s Bihar state, got hitched and had four children together. The marriage came crumbling down when Neeraj realized his wife was having an affair with a man named Mukesh. Neeraj tried to split the lovers but failed to do so, which caused Rubi to elope with Mukesh.

Neeraj needed a partner to soothe his heartache after the rejection. The void left behind can be filled by someone who is also in a similar heartbroken state. He connected with the wife’s lover’s wife who was also named Rubi and had two children of her own.

Pain cannot always be expressed with words and sometimes it takes someone going through the same turmoil to understand. Neeraj and Rubi felt a spark with each other during the suffering and tied the knot after their spouses ditched them.

In a strange twist of fate, the four of them swapped partners who will hopefully be a better fit.

Mukesh is still wanted by the police since Neeraj has an outstanding police complaint alleging Mukesh kidnapped his wife.

Twitter users have poked fun at the relationship drama, life has a way of balancing things out. When one Rubi leaves, there is always another Rubi around the corner to fill the hole in the heart.