I Do IF You Feed Me Pizza and Maintain Abs


Love can be fleeting and conditional, where the feelings are subject to change if the explicitly laid out conditions remain unmet. Shanti and Mintu, a couple in Assam, India, signed off on an unconventional prenuptial agreement outlining acceptable and unacceptable behaviors as a newlywed.

It is not your traditional prenup where it protects both parties with the agreed asset allocation if the marriage ends in divorce. This marriage contract outlines the duties that must be fulfilled during the marriage to avoid the trip to the courtroom.

Some of these duties include one pizza meal per month and an active lifestyle with a workout every day. There is zero tolerance for obesity as the current weight needs to stay for a happy marriage.

The couple signed off and sealed the deal with an oversized piece of cardboard that serves as the contract. Some other requirements include good photos at social gatherings, bi-monthly shopping trips and partying exclusively in the hands of each other. If it’s not already apparent, infidelity is off the table and they minimize the risk by sticking to themselves.

Furthermore, the bride should drape a saree every day while the husband must eat at home regardless of the dish appeal.

So who drew up this unique contract? The bride! Her motives and desires influence the clauses of this contract which would explain the shopping trips and the photo requirements.

Prenuptial agreements are not legally binding in India but this is an unofficial document that was signed off in the presence of their loved ones. For this couple, the contract served as a way to communicate superficial expectations. Under their carefully drafted contract, the groom can even be a serial killer as long as he is on board with pizza deliveries and barbells.


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