‘I Voted’ Sticker Contest Goes Sideways


The classic “I Voted” sticker is a part of everyone’s voting experience. It’s used as a way to cherish the memory of being able to exercise the right to vote.

A New York county decided to hold an online contest to redesign the “I Voted” sticker. In 2021’s contest, only 500 votes were cast whereas this year has seen more than 175,000 votes. The reason for the huge increase? An extremely unique take on the sticker from one applicant.

The Ulster County Board of Elections has listed that the majority of votes have been for Hudson Rowan’s reimagined design. It doesn’t feature your typical red, white and blue colors or even an eagle but a multicolored, red-eyed human head atop spider legs next to the phrase, “I Voted.”

As of this moment, the 14-year-old has received over 165,000 votes out of a possible 177,000. The next popular option is from Wendy Stewart, which has gotten 6,500 votes. The voting does last through the end of July but it seems like Rowan might have this one in the bag.

“It’s gone a little viral. Hudson’s design has struck a chord with people, at least online, and we are really having a good time watching all those people from Ulster County, and all over the place, engage with our website, engage with our contest,” Ashley Dittus, Democratic commissioner for Board of Elections, said.

Rowan was also shocked by how the voting has gone so far. “I did not think I was going to get as much attention as I did. I thought since mine was very different from the others, I didn’t think mine was going to get a lot of attention because of that, but I was wrong. It was exactly the opposite,” he said.

It seems like Rowan’s design may have struck something in voters considering the political climate of today.


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