Ice Cream Fanatic Crashes Into Dairy Queen


An intense yearning for the sweet treat by one man led to the downfall of the entire Dairy Queen location.

Casey Matthew Oxley did not just use the drive-thru at the Dairy Queen store in Scott Depot, West Virginia. He drove into the thick building walls and crashed into the kitchen to be met by horrified employees.

During the police investigation, the officers were probing Oxley about the intentionality of his offense. Was he an awful driver who needed his license revoked, or did he think he was in a game of fast and furious? He answered that he did drive into the place on purpose. It was no accident.

Police determined that five Dairy Queen employees were in immediate danger when Mr. Oxley struck the building. Fortunately, they faced no life-threatening injuries.

Jeff Diehl, the optimistic owner of the Dairy Queen, said: “We just have to look at the bright side. Nobody was hurt, which is unbelievable. I mean the idea that you could do that much damage and everybody is okay is pretty awesome on the positive side of things.”

The people may be fine but the place is fully damaged. Diehl added: “Everything was brand new, so we couldn’t wait to debut it and now we’ll do it again. We will have to have another debut with brand new everything because it is all gone.”

Oxley did not stop with the car cash as he pushed an EMT worker when he was in the ambulance on the way to the hospital. He had anger and resentment building up from his unfulfilled dessert order. Oxley allegedly slapped an emergency room doctor in the face.

Oxley received charges with “five counts of attempted malicious assault, one count of battery on a healthcare provider, one count of battery of emergency medical personnel, one count of assault on emergency medical personnel, and one count of reckless driving.”

Oxley is contemplating his decisions in Western Regional Jail with a $100,000 cash-only bond hanging over his head.


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