Ideal First Date: Church Burglary


Restaurants and movie theatres are overrated locations for the first date. A guy took the unconventional route in planning his date when he snuck into a church to win the heart of his sweetheart. His devotion to religion is insignificant when it comes to his commitment to his lover.

Based on the Hendersonville police officer’s statement, Danielle Salvato and Sebastian Spencer confessed to the crime. When probing at their intentions, the young adults explained an itch to play the piano and churches have a piano readily available.

“The young male and female ended up meeting on a social app and they were going on a date that night,” said Detective Stephan Fye.

There was a surveillance video where the couple was seen entering the church building. Spencer was pleasantly surprised that the church remained unlocked. The couple played 30 minutes before calling it quits. Playing the piano sounds romantic on the surface but the burglary setting sounds twisted.

The couple did not stop with the innocent melodies. They left the church with four bibles and two drum sticks. Perhaps they wanted to gift their parents bibles to educate them on raising children with morals. Salvato picked up a church collection plate as a souvenir for their first date memories.

The next day, the pastor noticed that there was a break-in at the church and reported the incident to the cops.

Detectives and patrol officers worked in tandem, quickly accessing the church’s crystal clear surveillance and pulling footage from an LPR camera that identified Salvato’s orange Mustang. From there, police quickly found both suspects, who police say confessed, and surrendered the stolen church items.

“They just admitted it was dumb, probably should not have done it. They knew it was a mistake inherently. They did not apologize,” Fye said.

Indian Lake Peninsula Church Administrative Pastor Drew Altom said he would counsel the young people this way. “I would tell them don’t let this one incident define you. Learn something. And together, let’s continue to grow. We all make mistakes but we are all held accountable for those mistakes as well,” he said.


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