Ikea Pitches 800 Baby Names


Selecting a baby name is an important life choice as the parents need to live with their decision. Whether you scream or fondly address the child, this is a name you will utter from your lips forever.

Ikea Norway acknowledges this perplexing decision with the endless options available, and the company decided to inspire new parents with potential baby names during the COVID-19 baby boom.

This Swedish retailer has established a reputable brand that people can count on for their home products. One of its key features is the distinctive names of its flat-pack home products, and they seek to leverage their distinctive names to help out the parents.

The company created a database on the website with more than 800 listings. The names are compiled from the furniture names that Ikea has collected since 1948.

In a corporate statement, Ikea Norway said: “After all these years, (Ikea) has built up a large ‘catalog’ to pick from.”

Where are these product names derived from? Well, it’s a range of things from Swedish towns, lakes and other geographical features, to names of people.

The retailer added: “There was both a shortage of raw materials and challenges with delivery times during the COVID-19 pandemic, but there is at least no shortage of children in Norway.”

With a growing number of babies, our creative juices need to be flowing to come up with something unique. We have enough Bobs — maybe try Tobias or Norna.

Then, you can pop baby Tobias in the Ikea trolly to get a tour of the inspiration behind their name.


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