I’m Washin’ It: McDonald’s New Body Wash


Plenty of fast food restaurants have been launching creative marketing tactics to get more customers into their restaurants. The latest ploy comes from McDonald’s Austria, which recently launched a body wash for its regular customers.

The delicious aroma of McDonald’s is clearly what everyone wants to smell like. The company released a cucumber-scented shower foam that apparently took years of research in their “burger beauty lab.” The branded body wash is nothing less than a “revolution in skin care.”

To get a tube of the scented shower gel, customers have to make sure they’re using the McDonald’s Austria app to order food. Anyone collecting 15 points via the app will be eligible to pick up one tube of the body wash.

“In the MyMcDonald’s Bonusclub we offer our guests attractive offers, entertainment and merchandise items, such as the current Big Mac shower gel ‘Gurkerl N⁰1’,” a McDonald’s spokesman said.

Despite being marketed as the next best thing, its introduction has been met with mixed reactions from the brand’s fans. One Instagram user wrote: “I assumed it was an ‘August Fool’s’ joke and branded its launch a ‘total flop.'”

It wasn’t all bad reviews from customers. Some actually found the marketing stunt enjoyable and are looking forward to picking up their tube of the body wash. A user wrote: “At first I thought this was a joke. I got to have one myself!”

Maybe they’ll release a more non-traditional flavor next. Chicken nugget or fries-flavored body wash anyone?


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