Impatient Wedding Guest Helps Herself


It’s a tradition at most weddings that the bride and the groom are the ones to cut the cake. A wedding guest couldn’t control herself and cut into the dessert before the bride and groom had a chance to do so themselves.

A TikTok video was posted with the caption: “My apologies to the bride and groom.” The video showed a woman confidently cutting into the dessert, which hadn’t been sliced by the couple of the hour. The woman found the cake so delicious she even licked some frosting off her fingers after cutting herself a slice.

The TikTok user who posted the video, Hailey, explained more. She wrote: “Me, a guest at my friend’s wedding. Ignoring the brownie table and confidentially cutting myself a slice of her wedding cake thinking, ‘uh-oh! They forgot to serve it to everyone else’. I know better now, I hate myself.”

Hailey was hounded with comments from people asking about the incident. One person commented: “You have no idea how angry this is making me.”

Another saw the lighter side of things: “This is funny but it really does tell you a lot about the type of person someone is.”

A third user wrote: “Successfully making this wedding about you.”

It’s clear that this guest has never been to a wedding before. If this woman ever gets married, it might be in her best interest that she avoids inviting this bride in case she wants to get some of her own payback.


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