Indonesian Playboy King Ready For 88th Marriage

If one marriage is a struggle to see through from the altar to the graveyard, we’ve got an ambitious man in the house. Kaan, a 61-year-old farmer from Indonesia, introduces a new marital streak after gaining his title as the country’s “Playboy King.” His latest plans involved getting married for the 88th time in his life.

The rice farmer has been married 87 times to 46 different women and he has no plans to stop the count. His current bride-to-be is not a new woman in his life since he was already married to her the past for four months. The couple decided to give it another go to patch things up for a lifetime of happiness.

Long-term commitment is a hopeful goal but his romantic history doesn’t set up a promising future. His longest marriage lasted approximately 14 years.

Kaan first got married at the age of fourteen to a teen two years older than him. The young love story lasted two years but he never gave up his hope of finding the one.

For those wondering why dating isn’t an option for the playboy, the idea of casually dating women goes against his morals and values. He cherishes the women and respects them enough to see them as more than passing flings. He’d rather keep rotating wives than a casual dating pool.

“My reason is that I also didn’t want to play with women’s feelings, let alone other people’s children,” Kaan said. “Rather than committing immorality, it is better that I get married.”

His love life becomes a mess for his divorce lawyer. Fortunately for the legal team, out of the 87 marriages, only 40 were registered with the Office of Religious Affairs. The others were done with a traditional ceremony so no legal work was required.

Kaan is a generous man. When his wives didn’t want a divorce, he didn’t give it to them. He just continued marrying other women so he would have multiple wives at the same time.

People can cast judgment but this man plays an honest game with his charms. At the ripe age of 60, women still can’t get enough of him. The current fiancé couldn’t get over him and he didn’t turn down her bids for connection.

“Although it’s been a long time since we separated, the love between us is still strong,” Kaan said.

We wish Kaan a blissful few months in the hands of an old lover!