Intense Fans Leak Confidential Military Activity


WarThunder is a free military vehicle combat game where millions of players can fight each other on a virtual battlefield. The game developers created a forum for players to discuss the combat units featured in the game.

The arguments on the forum can get heated quickly, and it doesn’t matter if the military efforts are jeopardized to win an argument. WarThunder has incorporated newer vehicles to the game, which are still being in use by the armies. The hardcore fans have used their in-depth knowledge of these new vehicles to leak private information related to Challenger 2 and Leclerc Main Battle Tanks (MBTs).

The passionate fans didn’t stop with two MBTs as they leaked the third piece of information related to the non-NATO main battle tank. There was an image circulating on the forum of a Chinese DTC10-125 tungsten penetrator with a practical guide explaining the coordinates of the projectile. The DTC10-125 can be fired from the ZTZ 96, 96A, 99, 99A.

The guide includes “the armor penetration figures against both composite and RHA armor, muzzle velocity at ambient temperature, and dispersion.” At the time, the PLA did not release the instructions. This forum was the first time that information appeared on a public platform.

WarThunder forum moderators removed the post and added the note, “Materials related to the DTC10-125 are classified in China”. There was speculation that this information was present on Chinese forums, but there is no way to cross-check that claim due to Chinese internet controls. Reports did indicate that the projectile reflects the actual coordinates to the DTC10-125.

The military needs to watch out for enemies and raging fans.


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