Introducing Bacon-Scented Perfume


A fan of the smell of bacon? Cooking up a pan of the breakfast food for the delicious scent can be a hassle but that’s no longer an issue with the introduction of bacon-scented perfume.

Wright Brand Bacon is celebrating its 100th anniversary and to commemorate the occasion, they decided to bottle up its signature wood-smoked bacon flavor to create a fragrance. Wright N°100 is meant to be as addicting as the brand’s actual bacon.

The meaty fragrance is available to purchase for $19.22 online for a limited time for bacon lovers and fragrance enthusiasts alike. The scent was created in collaboration with Ann Gottlieb, who has helped other celebrities and companies create signature scents.

Wright N°100 is more complex than just pure bacon. The fragrance features notes of bacon, applewood, bergamot, white patchouli, sandalwood and maple syrup. As a nod to the brand’s founding year, the scent also includes a note of Mousse de Saxe, a combination of leather and vanilla popular in 1922.

“To celebrate our centennial, we wanted to expand the sensory experience of our bacon and create an exquisite fragrance that pays homage to the quality and craftsmanship of Wright Brand bacon.

“One of the things that makes Wright Brand bacon special is that it’s real wood-smoked so we thought why not bottle up our signature real wood-smoked aroma to expand the sensory experience of our bacon,” said Cal Tharp, senior brand manager for Wright Brand.


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