Iranian Property Agent Arrested After Transferring Property Rights to a Dog

Dogs are man’s best friend but this might have taken that saying a bit too far. A property agent in Iran was arrested for helping a couple that had no human heirs transfer the property rights to their apartment to their pet dog.

Doing something wild like this can land you in some hot water. The unnamed Iranian businessman got arrested and had his real estate firm shut down in August 2023 after a video showing him officiating an unusual property transfer went viral on social media.

In the short clip that was posted on Twitter, the man can be seen preparing the paperwork needed for the property rights transfer. The paper is first signed by the human couple before being passed along to their pet dog, Chester, to “sign.”

Despite the owners being thrilled about their decision, Iranian authorities didn’t share the same happiness. The real estate agent was arrested for “normalizing the violation of the society’s moral values” and authorizing the deal “with no legal basis.”

“The police arrested the head of the real estate agency and shuttered the firm on Saturday,” Deputy Prosecutor General Reza Tabar said.

This isn’t too surprising given Iran’s conservative clerics frown upon owning dogs. They view the animals as unclean and have also banned the animals from public spaces, describing them as a “major problem.”