Irritated Passenger Punches Plane Seats


Traveling can be hectic for anyone but it doesn’t mean you have to take out that irritation on others. A passenger flying from Pakistan created a ruckus midflight when they started punching the seats and kicking the aircraft’s window.

The incident happened onboard a flight from Peshawar, Pakistan, to Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Apparently, the entire episode started when the passenger got into an argument with the flight crew and kept asking them to get him off the aircraft.

When children don’t get their way, they throw temper tantrums. This man took a page from their book and indulged in erratic behavior by removing his belongings, laying down in the aisle and started giving Azaan (Islamic call to public prayer) inside the aircraft. The flight attendants attempted to calm the man and ask him to behave himself for the other passengers on the plane.

In case the situation escalated further, the man was tied to his seat in accordance with aviation law. The captain of the flight also contacted the air traffic controller of Dubai and informed them of the incident that occurred onboard.

After landing in Dubai, the passenger was taken into custody by security officials and has since been blacklisted by the airlines. Looks like he won’t be flying again anytime soon.


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