Is Taking a Selfie Worth Falling Off a Mountain?


When on vacation, it’s imperative to some that they pull off the ultimate selfie but doing so comes with risks. In this case, like falling off a mountain.

A 23-year-old tourist was on the prowl for a great selfie when he fell into the Mount Vesuvius crater in Campania, Italy. Philip Carroll and two of his relatives wandered off-trail for a chance to take some epic photos, which ended up backfiring.

“This family took another trail, closed to tourists, even if there was a small gate and ‘no access’ signs,” said Paolo Cappelli, president of the Presidio Permanente Vesuvio base.

The Maryland residents broke even more local laws when they neglected to follow guidelines and refused to pay for tickets. A limited amount of tickets are available to ensure a safe amount of hikers are on the trail.

The small group took a prohibited path after departing the nearby town of Ottaviano. After they got to the top, Carroll tried taking a selfie and dropped his phone into the crater. When he tried to recover it, he slipped and slide a few meters into the crater.

“He managed to stop his fall, but at that point, he was stuck. He was very lucky. If he kept going, he would have plunged 300 meters into the crater,” Cappelli said.

Carroll was rescued by local guides who rappelled into the crater and pulled him to safety with a rope. He suffered minor injuries including cuts and bruises on his arms and back. Carroll and his relatives now face criminal charges for invading public land. Here’s hoping the picture was worth it.

Mount Vesuvius is famously known for erupting in 79 A.D., where it left the nearby city of Pompeii covered in 23 feet of ash and debris. While the 4,000-foot volcano is still active, the last eruption occurred in 1944 and is unlikely to erupt anytime soon.


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