Is That an Ostrich Costume?


Halloween is getting closer and closer but not close enough that it’s the norm to see people dressed in costumes. A Thai zoo had everyone checking their calendars when they practiced an escaped animal drill, complete with a zoo employee wearing an ostrich costume.

The Chiang Mai Zoo posted photos on their Facebook page showing an employee completely committed to the character. The viral photos showed the employee wearing an ostrich costume and makeup being chased through the facility’s Africa Zone by zookeepers.

The zoo went all out in an attempt to simulate what an actual escape from the zone’s Show Area would look like. Both employees and onlookers got quite the laugh out of the situation. The employee in the costume did their best flightless bird impression while evading zookeepers with nets.

Apparently, the drill was designed “to build readiness enabling real situation management and to prepare measures for when animals escape.” Looking at the photos and videos about the practice, it looks like the zoo crew is extremely prepared for any potential restless animals.


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