Is This the Titanic 2.0?


Taking a cruise can be a hit or a miss. Passengers aboard the Carnival Vista cruise ship were certainly not impressed when the corridor of the ship started filling up with water.

The alarming moment was captured and posted on TikTok by Adrienne Marie and it drew eerily similar comparisons to the sinking of the Titanic. “Woke to water rushing into our cabin… our lives flashed before our eyes,” Adrienne’s caption read.

The crew had to evacuate passengers from their cabins in case the entire area flooded. Apparently, a plumbing problem is what caused the flooding. After the ceiling caved in from above, the cabin was also filled with water. The door eventually burst open and a river of water flowed down the hallway. The ordeal occurred on the sixth floor and also leaked down onto the fifth.

Thankfully, the problem was not that the ship was actually sinking. The crew was able to “quickly resolve” the situation onboard.

The original TikTok video has received more than 27 million views. One user wrote in the comments: “Bro… where’s Jack, he’ll give you a whole float.” 

Another video Adrienne posted showed more videos and photos of the situation. “Disclaimer!! We are not trash-talking the cruise line or the crew. Just documenting a scary experience that turned out funny. We did actually wake up to this flood and water past our ankles… so Titanic vibes for about 5 minutes,” she wrote.


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