Joe Versus The Volcano | Get The Flick Outta Here #50

From the writer of “Moonstruck,” which won Best Picture in 1987, comes “Joe Versus The Volcano,” the very first ever on-screen pairing of Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan.

And Meg Ryan. And Meg Ryan.

See, Meg Ryan actually plays THREE roles in this movie, and if you think that’s all the weirdness this movie has in store for you, you would be very, very wrong.

Tom Hanks finds out he only has six months to live, so he figures, why not jump into a volcano? I mean, there’s more to it than that (SO much more), but if you want this movie in a nutshell, there it is.

One of our hosts LOVES this movie (well, about 70% of it). What does the other host think? You’ll have to find out, on GET THE FLICK OUTTA HERE.

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