“Jughead” Deer Rescued by Local Officials

Litter can cause animals to be put in uncomfortable situations. A deer in Indiana known to locals as “Jughead” because of the plastic jug stuck over its head has now been freed from the device.

The deer was spotted on a number of occasions in Cannelton, Indiana, with a plastic jug stuck on its head for about a week, which led locals to give the animal the nickname.

When no one could get close to the animal to help, officers came up with a plan. The Indiana Department of Natural Resources said that Officers Zac Howerton and Neal Brewington worked together with Perry County Sheriff’s Deputy Marsh and local man Jimmy Maffia to track down and tranquilize the deer.

Lucky for the deer, the jug was removed safely and Jughead was released back into the wild. Looks like the animal will now need a new name as a result.