Kangaroo Gets a Little Help From His Friends


A kangaroo got a bit of assistance to help him escape his enclosure. Baxter, the kangaroo in question, lives with more than a dozen parrots being taken care of by the owners of a non-profit specializing in releasing wild birds into their natural habitats.

The owners claimed that Baxter’s bird brother, Thor, recently figured out how to open the door to the enclosure, which is how the animal was able to spend the day running loose in the East Baton Rouge area. After a few hours, Baxter was recovered and picked up by his owners.

Authorities now claim that the marsupial will need to find a new home after the escape. Baxter’s owners previously operated a zoo and now run Bird Recovery International. Despite running the non-profit, it’s illegal to keep a kangaroo as a pet in the parish.

“Exotic animals, pets you can’t have any that are non-native to the United States. Any animal not native to the united states, anything venomous, you can not have in East Baton Rouge Parish,” Daniel Piatkiewicz, Director of Animal Control & Rescue Center, said. 

Obviously, there are exceptions to this, which include educational purposes, zoos, and circuses. The owners of the parish have been trying to get a permit for their location and will continue to do so in order to keep Baxter.

Piatkiewicz said that Baxter’s owners now have a week to find Baxter a new home or they’re likely to face fines. “We can charge them, we can give them a misdemeanor sum or we can get them a temporary restraining order from a court and take the route through the court system,” Piatkiewicz, said.


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