Kangaroos Crash The Workplace Warehouse


Andrew Hargreaves, a warehouse manager, arrived at his office in Adelaide West, Australia, when he discovered a kangaroo casually strolling around inside the building.

“I wasn’t expecting it that’s for sure. You know, it’s the only thing you see on the news which here we are,” he said.

Hargreaves first spotted the kangaroo when he had made his way into the back of the office to collect a customer order. His reaction was: “I just thought, what is going on here? You know, where would this thing have come from?”

The kangaroo was not afraid of people, and it followed Hargreaves into his showroom as if it was just another coworker. Then, the kangaroo treated itself to the amenities in the office.

Hargreaves added: “I gave it some water, some bread. It was actually coming up to me, so it was quite friendly, quite calm. And then it started coming into the showroom, just walking around customers.”

The animal rescuers had to arrive to free the kangaroo into a safe place. They were surprised to see that the kangaroo was larger than expected.

The kangaroo was not thrilled to be handled by the rescuers and it let out a few kicks before they got a hold of the animal.

Rescuers discovered that she was a female kangaroo who had a joey tucked into her pouch, and her gender explains her resistance in the beginning.

Simon Adamcyzk, one of the rescuers, said: “Kangaroos get quite defensive when cornered in that situation.”

Rescuers placed her in a carrier by grabbing her arms and legs, then took her out of the building. Adamcyzk believes that the kangaroo most likely got lost searching for food in a new area.

One office visit is good enough. The kangaroo leaves the city life and heads back to the scrubland wilderness.


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