Karma In Action: Steal a Car, Get Hit By a Car


Only fools drop thousands of dollars on motor vehicles. After all, cars can be a depreciating liability when there is a hefty car loan attached to the ownership. A resourceful man from Evansville, Indiana, decided to forgo car financing options and carjacks for his sweet ride. The headache that comes with the price tag is the owner’s problem.

Evansville Police got looped into the scene after an assault that took place on Ohio Street. Dispatchers informed them that a man attempted to steal a truck from a driver and then hopped onto the victim’s trailer. The suspect tried to flee from the cops. While abruptly running away from the officers, he got hit by a car.

Police officers tried to help the wounded man but he was more eager to escape their assistance. The suspect still had his eyes set on the prize and no injury could stop him from hunting for more cars. He attempted to steal more vehicles from other victims but that did not happen. He was struck by a semi-truck as if to knock him into his senses. It was deja vu — he got back up on his feet and tried to escape again from the officers.

Officers managed to get a hold of the man and took him to the hospital. Instead of a local car dealership, they will take him to court after his recovery. Suddenly, car loans gain their appeal again when it gets dragged into comparison with criminal charges.


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