Kickball Player Banned From Tinder for Using App to Recruit Entire Team


A woman is banned from Tinder for life after she used the app to recruit her entire kickball team. Gianna Pecchia, a Rhode Island kickball player, was able to find 25 players through the app, including 18 for her team and another seven to fill out the remaining Clubwaka rosters.

Pecchia described how she realized she was banned from the app: “One day, I went to log in, and it said you’re banned for life. For life! – It seems a little severe. So that put a huge deterrent in my recruiting.”

Dubbed the “Kickball Cupid,” Pecchia originally did join the dating apps for finding love, but it just so happened it was about the same time she needed to recruit for the season currently underway. Pecchia discussed the types of responses she normally gets from people she’s looking to recruit.

“I usually get one of two messages from people. ‘I’d like to join because I’m looking to make new friends, but I’m not very good at kickball.’ And I’m like – perfect. Or, I get ‘I haven’t played kickball since elementary school.’ Like, who has?” she said.

According to Tinder guidelines, “soliciting other users is prohibited” and after reviewing their decision, they deemed Pecchia was “banned appropriately.”

Although Tinder may have been a dead-end, Pecchia had the backup plan of using Bumble, which has a section on their app for finding friends instead of looking for love.


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