Kind Man Hands Over Rolex for Tea


Have you ever read about a robbery and shared the sentiment that the victim deserves to face the consequences of their poor judgment? There were so many glaring red flags but they proceeded anyway without warning bells going off in their head. Well, plenty of fools to go around so get ready for another story added to the list of stupid robbery victims.

A man from Saitama, Japan, sought a quick sale of his Rolex watch at a second-hand online shopping site. The buyer and seller had plans to meet in the parking lot of a convenience store in Saitama Prefecture to complete the transaction of an 18-karat yellow gold Rolex Yacht-Master II. The watch is worth $53,000 but they negotiated a deal of $47,000. It sounds like a steal for any interested buyer.

The buyer took advantage of the offer and walked up to the seller’s car wearing shorts, a t-shirt, and thick gloves. The seller revealed the luxury timepiece for the buyer to examine and he was satisfied with the item. Rather than completing the payment, the buyer asked for some tea.

Out of ignorance, the seller naively believed that he might as well pay for a tea since he was expecting thousands from the thirsty gentleman. He went into the store to buy him tea only to return to a missing watch and man.

The man attempted to contact the thief with no luck retrieving the object. After receiving the texts “I left it in your car,” and “I don’t have your watch,” the buyer deleted his account.

Time was not on his side. The victim had a devastating realization: “I was too stupid and honest.” He was irrational but he managed to capture a video of the thief with his smartphone, which will assist cops in catching the suspect.

The thief, disguised as a buyer, will rock the streets with his new luxury statement accessory till the cops swap the stolen watch for handcuffs.


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