King Cobra Found Inside Parked Car

The last thing someone wants to find in their vehicle is a large snake. A man in India had to call environmental authorities to help him remove a king cobra from his vehicle.

The man, identified by the surname Kunjumon, had parked his car for two days and discovered the venomous snake had taken up residence inside. He called local Forest Department officials in the Palakkad District to assist in the removal of the reptile.

Forest Department rescuers arrived at the scene and were able to remove the snake from the car. It’s estimated that the king cobra was around 10 years old. Luckily, the animal was returned safely to the wild by wildlife officials.

King cobras are cold-blooded reptiles that have been known to enter and look for places of warmth to rest. They tend to enter vehicles through the passenger areas and engine compartments of vehicles in search of warmth.