Kitten Needs Cash From ATM


The vet bills don’t pay themselves and sometimes you got to stick your head in an ATM to pool together the necessary funds. Cash, a gray tabby kitten, was discovered stuck in an ATM and Fort Smith Fire Department had to step in to rescue this burglar.

Alex Bloom, an animal technician at Fort Smith Animal Haven, said: “Probably trying to find shade is why, but I can’t tell you how.”

Imagine attempting to make a cash withdrawal and hearing meowing along with the buttons on the machine. You may end up with Cash, the kitten, instead of the expected bills dispensed in the machine.

“This is actually my first experience with a cat getting stuck in an ATM. You know, I never thought that somebody would be able to go up and make a withdrawal and get a cat out instead of some cash, so now we have both,” said Ashley Deane, a vet tech at Fort Smith Animal Haven.

The kitten was rescued and taken to the animal haven for proper care. Cash was dehydrated and starving from an eventful day at the bank. The animal rescue team gave the kitten food, water and a bath to clean up the odor.

Cash enjoyed the attention while it lasted and then displayed an attitude towards the staff. Deane said: “He’s a little spicy just ’cause he’s scared, which is typical and it’s gonna happen.”

The attitude will wear off with more time and socialization. “Generally, after a couple of days with our handlers caring for them, they become less spicy and just a little bit mild so they can come a little bit more workable,” Deane said.

Cash is getting used to the new surroundings and recovering with the care.

The rowdy kitten did end up showing its soft side. “Once you pick him up, he’s just a big purr box, that’s all, he’s just a huge purr box, he’s the sweetest little baby,” Bloom said.

For those excited to take Cash home, Fort Smith Animal Haven is focused on getting his weight back to normal before adoption. Once the kitten is fully vaccinated and adequately socialized, he will be ready to leap into the hands of a new family. This adventurous spirit will be an entertaining pet.


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