Knock-Off Products Can Save a Life


Luxury brand items evoke a sense of identity and status that other inferior brands may fail to project. We want to dress to impress… unless it’s a thief on the other end.

Thieves love foreigners as they are easy targets with their demeanor and vulnerability. A tourist in Switzerland was robbed at gunpoint at a cafe in Piazza Unità d’Italia in Trieste, Italy. The suspect pulled up behind the victim and directed his gun toward him. The man and his companion were startled and jumped up from their table. The thief stole the watch from the man and left the restaurant.

The story doesn’t end there as the suspect returned to the same table to start a conversation with the alarmed tourists. Surprisingly, he passed the watch back to the person, not out of guilt or shame but because he found it worthless. The risky effort of stealing the watch was a waste of time since it’s a knock-off Richard Mille watch. He was seeking the original, timeless piece, valued at around $30,000, not a dupe.

Francesco Borrelli, a regional councilor of Europa Verde in Campania, was present at the cafe and captured a video of the incident. Borrelli posted a video on his social media and stated that the restaurant owner urges more police support.

The caption read: “The complaint of the owners of the restaurant: ‘All this in the city center. We need contact supervision of the police.”

Gaetano Manfredi, Mayor of Naples, supported his request adding that the assistance of the authorities is required to provide a safe environment for the community.

Manfredi said: “The security issue must be addressed; on one hand with the supervision of the territory and with a better organization of the police, but also with action on the video surveillance.”

On a positive note, it can be wise to travel with a replica version of the brand-name product as the thieves will take a hard pass.


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