Know the Rules of the Road


Although marijuana is legal in several states, each has its own set of laws surrounding the drug. In some, smoking in public is prohibited so it’s important to know the rules before it could blow up in your face.

In the state of Michigan, smoking in public is not allowed despite the drug being legal. A misinformed fisherman clearly didn’t get the memo before blowing smoke in the face of a Department of Natural Resources officer.

According to authorities, DNR Conservation Officers Joseph Deppen and Brad Silorey were monitoring anglers at a launch in Macomb County, Michigan. While patroling, the pair came across a man getting his fishing license while also enjoying some marijuana. Not a great mix.

Deppen questioned the man by asking “so you are really going to smoke marijuana right in front of me?” The man proceeded to exhale into the officer’s face and respond with “it’s legal bro!”

As mentioned before, marijuana is legal in private places in Michigan but smoking in public is not. The fisherman was issued a ticket for use of marijuana in public. Next time, he’ll know the rules before blowing off some steam in front of officers.


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