Lamb Found in Car With Cash, Drugs

While lambs are usually sweet creatures, one lamb in Scotland proved to be nothing but baaad to the bone. The animal was caught by police in the back of a car alongside around $17,000 worth of cocaine and heroin.

Scotland Police posted about the incident on Twitter with an image of the lamb and joked that the car was “not a Lamborghini.” In the photo, the animal can be seen next to a bag of french fries it likely happily gobbled down.

It’s unknown as to why the lamb was involved in the incident in the first place. Fortunately, a farmer took in the lamb in Glasgow, Scotland, to live a better life.

As for the people in the car, the story was a little different. A police dog named Billy is who sniffed out the drugs. A pair of men, aged 52 and 53, and a woman, 38, were arrested and charged with drug offences. The driver also failed a roadside test for cocaine.