Las Vegas Driver Embraces Her Artistic Side 


Arts and crafts should stop in the classroom. One woman took it too far with her license plate covered in Jack stickers. 

The strange license plate design caught the attention of the Clark County School District Police Department of Las Vegas. The police officer stopped the driver due to a fake license plate. In a Facebook post, they gave the woman a nickname, Fictitious Phyllis.

In their statement, they mentioned that Nevada law states that drivers must have a valid driver’s license and vehicles should be registered and insured as part of the requirements to operate a vehicle. 

She did not meet the vehicle requirements and the driver was subject to a police investigation. During the investigation, the woman did threaten the police officer. She said, “My vehicle is registered to a trust. If you cite me for such, you will be entering into a contract with the trust.”

After further examination, it became apparent that it was not a valid registration as that would include the month and year of renewal. This driver’s license plate had stickers that said “DOT” and “2022.” 

The Police Department added that: “you can’t make up your own reality of what is required to drive legally on Nevada roadways.”

Laws exist for a reason. If the woman is still determined to stand out, she can invest in a better designer or do more research on license plates before her next art project. 


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