Last Action Hero | Get The Flick Outta Here #53

In June of 1993, a week after the release of “Jurassic Park”, an over-stuffed confused high-concept parody shoot ’em up was foisted upon the public. It tanked.

“Last Action Hero” starred Arnold Schwarzenegger, it was directed by the man who made “Die Hard” and the script was credited to the guy who wrote “Lethal Weapon.”

So what happened? Why were the critics and the public so down on this flick?

Well, it’s probably because there were SEVEN different writers who worked on the film, and none of them liked the way it turned out. Also, it was released only about THREE WEEKS after filming wrapped, and the director hated the final edit. Actually, he doesn’t even think there WAS a “final edit.”

As it is, “Last Action Hero” is really two movies in one. The first movie is terrible and takes up most of the plot. The second movie, however, is FANTASTIC.

Let’s dive into this bloated corpse, and see whether it’s salvageable and whether we recommend that you GET THE FLICK OUTTA HERE.

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