Latest Fashion Fad: Trash Pouch


Marketing gurus are experts in selling the story behind the product. The item can be the most useless purchase ever but if they can tie it to the emotions and pull the buyer in with their story, they’re in business. People buy into the emotions and storytelling, not the features. 

The marketing team behind the luxury brand Balenciaga are experts in its niche. They launch absurd unorthodox products such as overpriced coffee cups and ripped sneakers for thousands of dollars. They have a target audience ready to pull out their wallets because they resonate with the messaging behind the products. 

Balenciaga launched its latest product line to the lucrative market and it is an item readily available in every household. A product that you run to a few times a day. Enough of the suspense. It’s a garbage bag. The Winter ’22 collection introduces “Trash Pouch” with a high selling price of $1,790. 

Why shop for garbage bags in grocery stores when you can pay over a thousand dollars for a single garbage bag? Not everyone wants to take this bag on a social outing only to be directed to the garbage bin. This bag is certainly a fashion statement for those with an avant-garde taste.

For those determined to buy this garbage bag sack, it comes in three colors: black, blue, and white. 

“I couldn’t miss an opportunity to produce the most expensive trash bag in the world,” said Balenciaga’s creative director, Demna Gvasalia.

This product raised a few eyebrows online. One user wrote: “What is Balenciaga gonna do next? Bottle up some air and sell it for $999. They’re doing too much with those trash bags.”

Another person wrote: “#Balenciaga is an entire human experiment and if y’all ain’t figured that out yet, you deserve to spend $1700+ for a trash bag. Y’all keep buying the mess they put out which tell them you’re ok with it so have fun.”

If people do purchase this product, watch out for garbage collectors. They may grab your valuables, mistaking them for trash. 


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