Lawyer Canned After Constantly Driving Naked


Some people feel a bit more comfortable wearing fewer layers. The Supreme Court of Ohio indefinitely suspended an attorney for repeatedly driving naked and exposing himself to other motorists.

Scott Blauvelt from Hamilton, Ohio, was charged with public indecency during a traffic stop in October 2018 when it was discovered he had been driving completely naked. He pleaded guilty and in June 2020, he was imposed a two-year, fully stayed suspension by the Supreme Court.

Three months after that suspension, Blauvelt was arrested twice more for nude driving and exposing himself. The Butler County Bar Association requested an interim remedial suspension.

This new suspension by the Supreme Court is the result of another complaint by the bar association in June 2021. It alleges that Blauvelt had been convicted of three additional counts of public indecency since he was first suspended.

As an unshamed man, Blauvelt pleaded guilty to all charges. His sentence included fines, a total of 14 days in jail, and probation terms ranging from two to five years. Blauvelt has expressed remorse for his wrongs but still has the urge to engage in his illicit behavior.


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