Let’s Party All Hours of the Day, Jerks


Sleep deprivation keeps people on the edge while testing their patience. One woman got pushed to her limits when her neighbor let their dog bark for hours with no effort to stop it. Since the noise didn’t stop, she figured let’s turn up the volume and mess with their sleep.

Saphire Jess shared a video on TikTok with the caption: “Petty level: When your neighbor’s dog barks from 5 pm until 3 am every damn day. Keeping yours and your neighbor’s babies and kids away ALL NIGHT and it starts to affect your son’s schooling. Talking to them and they said it’s old so they won’t try to stop it… called the ranger and nothing was done for six months. So you take things into your own hands, sitting a speaker on the fence while house sitting for the four houses surrounding, playing this for six hours straight as they sleep for their night shift.”

Motherhood already comes with a poor sleep schedule and she was unhappy with more compromises to her limited rest time. The dogs barking was something she did not sign up for, and it was time to put the neighbors in her shoes.

She woke the neighbors with the song “Who Let The Dogs Out” blasting outside her backyard. The lady had her shades on while she jammed out to the music. Her anger dissolved after the sweet sound of revenge. That was how they all turned into sleep-deprived zombies.

Most people supported the woman’s actions as they agreed it was inconsiderate behavior. Revenge was valid given the circumstances.

One user wrote: “As a dog owner, I fully support you doing this. Anyone who allows their dog to bark continuously is a PROBLEM. Take care of and train your pets.”

Another person wrote: “Record their dog and play it back on loop during the day.”

Curiosity peaked, and people demand to know the ending to this story. A different user wrote: “Omg I need to see the response.”

Perhaps the music ended, and the senior dogs went back to puppy classes for some obedience training.


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