Lion Introduces New Hairstyle

A lion’s mane is one of the most recognizable features of the animal although they vary in size and color depending on a variety of factors. To mess with a lion’s mane is practically criminal, which is why when a male lion at a Chinese zoo went viral for having an interesting new do, the public’s uproar was incredibly present.

Photos released of the lion at the Guangzhou Zoo in China showed him with a new set of bangs that left many wondering how the animal’s hair was cut despite claims from staff that they didn’t touch it. After looking at a few photos, you can see why people would think that the animal’s bangs were crafted by human hands.

The zoo has repeatedly denied accusations that they gave the animal’s mane a hefty trim. Staff stressed that they did not cut his hair as they “were afraid to do so.” They also mentioned that the look of the lion’s mane might be influenced by the humidity in the area.

“There is no hairdressing program at the zoo, and we dare not cut a lion’s hair. You can say that he has ‘designed’ the hairstyle himself,” a staff member explained.

Multiple people have called out the staff for lying about taking clippers to the lion’s mane claiming that there isn’t another logical explaination for the drastic change. One user wrote: “I went there two months ago, its hairstyle was not like this, and now its hairstyle is so silly.”

The zoo remains consistent with their story, mentioning how the animals groom themselves by licking their fur, which can cause changes to how their manes look.