Lioness Hides From Elephant to Avoid Getting Sprayed

Even the queen of the animal kingdom knows there can sometimes be exceptions. A lioness was relaxing at a waterhole when it was chased off by an elephant looking for trouble.

The encounter between the two animals was captured on an Africam trail camera that is placed at Naledi Game Lodge in the Balule Game Reserve in South Africa. Trail cameras have become a new way for viewers to see some exciting sites in Africa from the comfort of their own homes. While they usually capture birds, on rare occasions, predators also make an appearance.

In this video, a lioness was lounging behind a small stone well, enjoying the warmth of the sun and the peacefulness of the bush before the shocking surprise of an elephant. Although the lioness wasn’t intimidated right away, the elephant soon flipped that switch.

At first, the elephant trumpeted loudly and approached the lioness before it proceeded to draw water from the well. To make matters worse, the elephant then sprayed the lioness with water before the lioness had a chance to escape.

Aidan Rademeyer managed to share the footage online for others to get a chuckle at.