Little Josh Defeats the Grown Ups in an Epic Battle


The second annual battle of the Joshes took place in Tucson, Arizona, with an audience of approximately 200 people dressed in costumes and armed with pool noodles. The fighters donned animal outfits, football helmets, capes, and masks ready to battle it out to see who is the superior Josh.

Josh Swain launched the first event via Twitter, where he challenged people with the same name to a battle. People hopped on the challenge, and his message requested interested contestants to meet at the arbitrary coordinates in Lincoln.

The first event was successful, and Swain kicked off the event for the second time at the Bowling Lake Park. Joshes happily came together to take over the right to the name, and the battle was open to non-Joshes as well.

A little one took home the victory once again. Josh Vinson Jr., the five-year-old champion from last year, reemerged as the winner for the second time. He was the last one standing on the battlefield. The runner-up was four-year-old Josh Folmar in a Captain Josh Sparrow costume.

They collectively crowdfunded $20,576 for the Children’s Hospital & Medical Center in Omaha.

Children’s Hospital will distribute 25% of the Josh Fight donations to the Joshua Collingsworth Memorial Foundation. This foundation is a nonprofit organization that had representatives handing out gift baskets to the winners.

Nicky McCarville, director of development at Children’s, said the remaining funds are for Charity Care which is a hospital program that helps fund uninsured patients.

McCarville said: “We’re just so grateful for the Lincoln community and people that have come from all over the country and out of state to support Josh (Swain). He’s an incredibly kind and generous person that came up with a really fun and creative event during kind of not-so-great times.”

“There’s a number of factors in this crazy world,” Swain said. “I think that the hope is to keep this trend going so that we can keep the good times rolling.”

If hitting someone is for a good cause, why stop? Hopefully, the battle continues for the third year.


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