Live Lizards in Police Custody


Cops are not only chasing after dangerous criminals who are threatening victims. Police officers have transferrable skills that make them adept at handling reptiles, similar to an animal care worker. If officers can efficiently catch criminals, keeping a lizard in safe hands should be a walk in the park.

A residence in a village north of New York City received an unexpected delivery. Free parcels are always welcome unless it’s a family of lizards. Then, take it back, please.

“Needless to say the addressee was quite startled when they opened the box,” Port Chester police shared on a Facebook post. The package made its way to the wrong residence. The police station got a call regarding three dark-colored lizards stored in a large white container.

The police station is slowly transforming into a zoo with these rescue animals. The post read: “If you lost your lizards and iguanas we have them at the police department.”

Cops will look after the animals till the local animal sanctuary takeover the care. They can’t be engaging in animal care for hours when there are lawbreakers everywhere. The officers will be dropping the lizards for handcuffs shortly.


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