Llama on the Loose Hits Up Highway

Pretty unusual traffic can be seen while driving on the highway. In this instance, a llama or alpaca was seen making its way to a new destination.

A shocked couple traveling on a British highway captured a video of the animal and posted the footage to Twitter. The caption for the video reads: “Not every day you see an alpaca galloping down the A66 near Darlington.” That’s certainly the understatement of the year.

James Tadman, who posted the footage, said his girlfriend recorded the video from the passenger seat while he was driving on the A66 near Darlington, County Durham.

“We were driving and the car in front slowed down, so we pulled over thinking police car, ambulance, or fire engine was coming past, and then saw this white, horse-like animal running past.

“As it was in such close proximity, we worked out it wasn’t a horse, it was a llama. It was running down the road with cars slowly following it,” Tadman said.

Though there is no information available about where the animal came from or where it was going, a local alpaca farmer said that many people kept them as pets in the field around the A66, so one of them may have escaped.