Locals Paint Phallic-Shaped Drawing on Potholes

Authorities let some public concerns sit on the back burner which ends up irritating residents when their pressing issues are left unaddressed.

Locals were getting frustrated by the lack of response from officials to fix the potholes outside Uckfield College in East Sussex, England. Rather than sitting there twiddling their thumbs, the community members brought out white spray paint to draw phallic shapes around the potholes to demand attention.

People got tired of passively waiting for the holes to be repaired by the authorities and the rude drawings were their strategy to get the workers to the area.

A professional email requesting the change isn’t as effective as the penis drawing that shocked authorities into taking action. Officials can live with potholes representing the city but not the penis graffiti.

Credit: Helen Carr

For the irritated locals, their voices were finally heard and the phallic-shaped drawings were effective in getting the workers to the area to fix the potholes. Along with fixing the potholes, they have a bit of paint removal work to do.

Helen Carr, a resident in the area, shared a post on Facebook with the following caption: “Meanwhile, over in Uckfield, attention has been well and truly drawn to the pothole problem by the college.

“At lunchtime we then got the road sweeper going up and down about 30 times trying to scrub them out, but all he achieved was to make the edges of the holes crumble even more and tear up the road.”

Helen added: “I took the photos yesterday morning. Today, the pothole fixing gang turned up.”

This strategy may roll out in other areas. A user wrote: “Looks like we should all rush out and buy a can of spray paint and get out and do all the potholes on our surrounding areas then!!!!”

Another wrote: “I wonder who has the b***s to paint them?”

East Sussex County Council commented: “We understand people’s concerns about potholes but this is not the way to address the situation. We’d urge people to report potholes directly to us so we can assess and arrange repairs.

“We are responsible for more than 2,000 miles of road and last year we repaired more than 24,000 potholes. We prioritise our work, according to locally approved policies, to ensure potholes that present the greatest danger to road users are repaired as quickly as possible.

“Using this approach, work was planned for Downsview Crescent but this was brought forward as a result of the graffiti, putting additional pressure on our pothole repair crews.”

Source: https://www.facebook.com/groups/607776420772266/permalink/635541984662376