Loose Cow Visits Olive Garden Restaurant

When looking for a bite to eat, one animal turned its sights toward Olive Garden. A loose cow was spotted wandering outside the restaurant by a witness who called local authorities for assistance.

The Stillwater Police Department and wildlife officials from Stillwater Animal Welfare in Oklahoma both responded to a call about a loose cow that was spotted near the Olive Garden restaurant in Stillwater.

The police department posted about the incident on Facebook. The light-hearted caption for the post read: “Officers questioned the cow and learned that the cow had heard about the never-ending soup and salad option at Olive Garden and decided to see for itself. We highly recommended the steak at Texas Roadhouse, but the cow declined.”

Authorities also clarified that the caption for the post was a joke. Fortunately, the cow was safely corralled and relocated from the area. The animal’s origins remain unknown.