Loose Python Found Behind Refrigerator in 29th-Floor Apartment

Some animals have a knack for escaping from their homes and appearing in the most bizarre locations. Animal rescuers in New Jersey are still looking for the owner of a piebald ball python that was found by a surprised resident.

The Liberty Humane Society confirmed that the snake was found behind the refrigerator in a Jersey City resident’s apartment that was on the 29th floor. The snake was initially mistaken for an albino corn snake until it was taken to the Liberty Humane Society where it was identified correctly as a piebald python.

Credit: Liberty Humane Society

The animal rescuers have since dubbed the snake Banana according to the humane society’s Facebook post. “‘Banana’ came to LHS today after a resident found them behind their refrigerator, panicked, and someone called JCPD. Did we mention their apartment was in the Newport district, on the 29th floor? This is a socialized, domestic snake and is likely someone’s escaped pet,” the post said.

Rescuers said that Banana will need to be put up for adoption if no owner is identified within seven days.