Lost Bird Found Perched on Top of a Ferris Wheel

It can be impossible to find a bird once it goes missing. They’re able to soar off to faraway lands if they choose to. Luckily, employees inspecting a Ferris wheel in South Carolina ended up rescuing a lost bird that was found on top of the ride.

SkyWheel Myrtle Beach wrote in a Facebook post that workers were completing their daily checks on the Ferris wheel when they spotted a cockatiel hopping around on the ride over 100 feet in the air. When a worker named Gavin held out his arm, the bird came over and allowed itself to be carried back down to Earth.

The cockatiel was given to another worker, Theresa, whose mother was able to connect with some friends who remembered seeing a flyer for a lost bird. SkyWheel officials confirmed that the cockatiel was identified as Joel and that he has been reunited with his owner.

“After missing for several days, Joel is now happy and home with his owner after quite a high-flying adventure,” the post read.