Louis Vuitton Bag Is a Luxurious Urinal


Finances can be a source of frustration for many couples. A man in South Korea thought the best way to address his girlfriend’s overspending habit was to urinate on her valuables. When she witnesses pee dripping along her designer Louis Vuitton bag, it has to deter her from any future splurges.

Think again. She gave up on the man by ending the relationship and dragging his ass to court. The man had to face the consequences and compensate for the damages. The South Korean civil court ruled against the 31-year-old man and ordered him to pay his ex-girlfriend $1,150 as damages for relieving himself in her luxury handbag.

The story unfolded at the ex-girlfriend’s house when an argument between the two got heated discussing spending habits. The man accused the lady of accumulating more debt with her unnecessary purchases. His frustrations peaked when he stormed into the bedroom, grabbed one of her Louis Vuitton handbags, pulled down his pants and drenched the bag with his urine. She felt insulted and filed a police complaint against him.

Initially, the man denied the allegations and stated that he only threatened to urinate to startle her. He claimed that he did not actually urinate on the bag. Investigators did not let that lie slide. The experts collected samples from inside the bag. The test results indicated that he did indeed urinate in the bag.

Although the man tried to disguise the urine by pouring liquid deodorant into the handbag, it was not an effective mask for his ill deed. The sample analysis matched his DNA and test results were positive for urine. With the test results stacked against him, he did confess to the act.

After hearing the case, judge Park Hye-rim of the Seoul Central District Court ruled that the man must pay $1,150 in compensation for the spoiled handbag. The judge stated that he went easy on the sentencing as this case was the accused’s first offense.

This man will think twice before opening his zipper. Romantic love pales in comparison to a lady’s love for her handbags. She will dump the man before giving up her true love.


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